At Magnolia, we strive to maintain our residents’ dignity, privacy and independence. It is our mission to ensure the best possible health, happiness and well-being for each of our residents in a caring home and community atmosphere, and we welcome and encourage family involvement. We work hard to live up to our mission, but don't take it from us. Below are kind words we've received from our community.

I have been wanting to write to express my deepest thanks to you and your staff for the loving care that all of you gave to my wife Pat for the two years that she was a resident of Magnolia Assisted Living. I really don't know how to tell all of you how pleased that I was during Pat's stay with all of you. Francis was a wonderful help with the many social activies that she conducted. Pat was not a big "joiner" but Francis encouraged her to try many things which Pat enjoyed. Francis and Tammy arranged for many events (music, church, parties, birthday parties, etc.). In fact both Pat and I enjoyed all of them.

I really respected Jennifer as she was always a true professional in her care and concern for the residents. Whenever I needed help, either routine or in an emergency, Jennifer was there for me and for Pat. I know that you don't supervise the hospice folks that visit Magnolia, but you certainly support them in their work. Without all of them and you I could not have made this journey alone. I recall the first time that Pat moved into her room. There was a sign on the door that said "Welcome Home". At the time I thought that was nice—then later on I realized that it was truly a welcome to her home.

Pat enjoyed joking with you and your staff and I know that you all came to enjoy her sense of humor. She could be funny without even trying. Your staff cared for her in the best way possible. I do not have a single complaint about Pat's care for the entire time she was there. I have the fondest thoughts of you, your staff, and the Magnolia facility. You are truly a big part of my family, and I will never forget the special care you gave Pat.

— Bob Turner, Husband of Resident

My parents have been residents at Magnolia Assisted Living for almost three years. During this time they have started to decline due to their ages and medical conditions. I cannot say enough good things about the staff at MAL! I feel like they are an extension of family and not just people doing their jobs. Recently, I was out of town over the weekend and was notified by a hospice nurse that my mother was in respiratory distress. I immediately called Tammy, as I was panicked and about an hour drive away. Without hesitation, she drove immediately from her home (this was about 8 p.m.) to the facility to check on my mother's status. She then told me her condition was critical and received permission from me to go to the E.R. She waiting at the hospital until I arrived and stayed with us until my mom was admitted! If she had not acted so quickly and with such compassion, the outcome would not have been the same. My mother stayed hospitalized for a week and recovered.

I am the only child responsible for my parents well being. The staff at Magnolia have acted like sisters to me. They have laughed, cried, counseled, held my hand, and shared many hugs with me! And all the while, they have been like God's angels caring for and loving my parents. I know Mom and Dad feel the same as I do. They love these ladies and feel confident and secure in their care!

— Trudi Sheets, Daughter of Residents

We were recently given the opportunity to provide care for a sweet elderly couple at Magnolia. Our staff going in and out multiple times weekly witnessed some remarkable care and relationships. We noticed the compassion that your staff displayed toward all of the residents. We even promoted your facility at one of our staff meetings that Magnolia would be the facility of choice for our patients and own family. Tammy and Jennifer were very helpful and assisted with any of our staff's questions and needs to promote continuity of care for the residents that we were serving. Even the residents themselves commented to our staff about how they were cared for like "family" at Magnolia.

— Tammy Billeaudeaux RN BSN, Southern Care Hospice

I found at Magnolia a wonderful group of people who have been on this life journey for many years and achieved much wisdom as they contributed their time and talent in many ways, and also lessons in love and kindness and are willing to share them with the world. The wonderful staff here are very willing to listen and help in any way. I thank the Lord daily for putting me here where I belong!

— Euna Reschke, Resident

Back in the 1980s, when the time came for me to find an assisted living home for my mother, had I known of a place like Magnolia, it would have been the place I'd have chosen for her. Now I have personal knowledge of the unusually devoted and compassionate care Magnolia offers as I stayed there myself for four happy years and would still be living there had I not found it necessary to move to Baton Rouge to help my first cousin.

I still consider the administrator Tammy and all the staff at Magnolia as close and loving family and visit there whenever possible.

— Letty Moroney, Former Resident

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