Assisted Living Guiding Principles of Service

Choosing an assisted living facility can be a daunting and confusing endeavor with many factors to take into consideration for both residents and family members. At Magnolia Assisted Living, it is our goal to make the process and decision easier for you. The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) has developed Guiding Principles for how the assisted living industry should develop and improve their services, and at Magnolia, we operate our residence based upon these principles. We encourage you to use these guidelines when evaluating assisted living facilities to ensure that you will receive the best treatment and care possible.

Size – The size and configuration of an assisted living residence should be determined by consumer demand and the types of services provided.

Physical Plant – A residence should be located, constructed and equipped in compliance with all applicable codes and state and federal regulations. Facilities should have effective fire safety systems and smoke detectors. The setting should be designed in a way that maximizes quality of life, independence, autonomy, safety, dignity, socialization, choice and privacy of residents.

Move-In and Occupancy – New residents and/or their family members should receive an orientation about the services the residence offers. Occupancy agreements should clearly specify what services can and will be provided, as well as rates for all services and the payment structure.

Services – When moving into a facility, each resident should be evaluated or assessed to determine how his or her need for services can best be met and a service plan developed. The individual or family member should be encouraged to participate in the development of the service plan, and a service coordinator should develop, implement and evaluate the progress of the plan.

Health Needs – The residence should provide daily supervision or assistance with activities of daily living as needed. An emphasis on wellness should be part of each setting’s approach toward health care delivery. A nurse should be available, on an on-call basis, 24-hours a day.

Staff Qualifications and Training – The residence administration should be responsible for the overall operation of the facility and ensure that all staff members are qualified to care for residents and are competent in performing their duties. The personal care staff should be sufficient in numbers and qualification to meet the 24-hour scheduled and unscheduled needs of residents. Staff should be qualified through certification and/or training and the facility should provide ongoing training. Facilities should offer 24-hour supervision of residents. Adequate staff should be employed to maintain the facility in a manner that promotes safety, health and well being of residents and staff.

Resident Rights – Upon move in, all residents should receive a copy of their rights and responsibilities and should be encouraged to ask questions or discuss their rights with staff at any time. Administration should also ensure that a communication process is in place between the staff, residents and families.

Licensure and Certification – Assisted living facilities should be licensed or certified as applicable under state law.

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